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The new HF 410: Maximum individuality in timber/aluminium

The new HF 410: Maximum individuality in timber/aluminium

A variety of timber types for the inside, new core technology, and an aluminium attachment cover for the outside

The HF 410 from Internorm is the new star among timber/aluminium windows! An assortment of timber types and colours are available to choose from, allowing you to create an individual timber surface design and thereby produce a harmonious living environment to match any interior style and home furnishings. On the outside, an aluminium attachment cover available in many colours and styles provides outstanding weatherproof protection. Between the two lies the unique new "I-tec Core" technology — a strong, highly stable timber core. The clever combination of this innovative core with an individual timber surface allows for more generous dimensions, a consistently high level of thermal insulation—regardless of the timber type—and unbeatable value for money.

With the new timber/aluminium HF 410 window, you can bring nature indoors. Its warm timber surface made from high-quality oak, ash or larch creates a pleasant living environment. To make the windows even more special, the timber is available in a wide range of designs and colours — meaning that the windows can be adapted to match any interior style, home furnishings and flooring for a harmonious look. Only the highest quality, most beautiful pieces of wood from a trunk are processed to ensure that the characteristics of the timber are brought out in the best possible way. As a result, every HF 410 is unique by nature.

Product advantages:
•    I-tec Core opens up new standards in wood construction thanks to its high load-bearing capacity
•    Having a higher load-bearing capacity than three-layer bonded spruce means that the timber can withstand heavy loads
•    Thanks to the multi-layer construction and impregnation, the timber is protected against moisture and remains dimensionally stable
•    Improved aesthetics thanks to slim frame design: I-tec Core performs all of the window's static functions
•    Compatible with standard fittings: Fittings are fixed within the core and protected against tannic acid
•    Regardless of which timber type is selected, the thermal insulation properties of the HF 410 remain constantly high
•    Larger proportion of glass: narrow face widths of only 108 mm
•    Easy to maintain and clean: No special cleaning products are required
•    A variety of colours and timber types: The window serves as a unique design element that matches furniture/flooring
•    High-quality timber: Only select, certified pieces of wood are used

More information on the new I-tec Core technology can be found here.